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A Refreshing Dip into the Ocean – My Blue Ocean

What would you do to stop a screaming mind, enraged with the power cut and heat wave after a long office day? My solution is a slice of ocean! No, I don’t live near the ocean, not even close to a lake or smaller even, to a pond! I get or rather create my slice of ocean in my cocktail glass 🙂 . Yes! I was talking about a refreshing cocktail; an immediate relief that cools me down and prepares me for the next fight.

Go ahead, take a dip 🙂


Photo courtesy Shubhajit Chowdhury

In The Mix:

  • 30 ml Curacao
  • 30 ml Vodka
  • 15 ml mixed fruit juice
  • Club soda
  • Lime/lemon juice
  • Loads of ice-cubes

Photo courtesy Shubhajit Chowdhury

Conjure Up the ‘Spirit’:

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake to mix well. Load up ice in the glass and pour the cocktail; garnish with lemon and serve chilled.


Photo courtesy Shubhajit Chowdhury

Now, ENJOY…Cheers!

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A Step Towards Emancipation

Being busy… going on official tours…getting things done and at the same time touching a new personal milestone in the journey of life – all these and more have always been my dreams so far my career is concerned. When I have not become a travel writer (donno also whether this dream can ever be realized!!!) official tours have always remain something of a dainty to me that I was yet to taste; and lo and behold – suddenly I got the chance out of nowhere!!! It was a moment of super joy and satisfaction for me.

Going on a three days journey to an unknown city and alone was…………………well, not much of a challenge for me; coz i was too excited. All my tensions were only regarding my over anxious mom and her far fetched apprehensions!!! But “moms”, u know!!! They never change; n good that they never change…sometimes I do need the grounding to be within my limits. But anyways, here are the awesome three days, small piece of really tasty bits of life that I luckily got in my plate and hungry that I was, I tasted every bit of it.

The Journey

After much, much n much drama from the management regarding booking the ticket, ultimately they booked the flight with much delay and wastage of time; of course they were “managing”. But I got what I needed – both way confirmed tickets to and from Gurgaon…n next I know i was on my way on 18th May ’11…it was thrilling to go alone, taking care of everything on my own and of course fun to update every step in Facebook n getting comments on them. Then  I finally reached and the real task began to locate the office. With me the cab driver also lost his head (and sanity, I believe) it seems, while locating the office, but we managed to pin it after much effort. The return journey was also almost the same except for a strange feeling in my heart that when I will reach home!!!  I can never explain this bit as I really enjoyed in Gurgaon and would have loved to stay back another week!!! But sometimes unknown feeling r better to leave to its own rather than trying to explain.

The Office

In Office..the Yadav Sisters

The head office was good with a good set up. It was the people over there that caught my admiration. A bunch of lively and yet professional group infusing life in everyone they come across and probably in every inanimate object!!! No wonder I felt so at home with them. It was not emotional while leaving on Friday evening but yes I felt if I was recruited over there it wud have been great…Shweta and Shruti the two bubbly and gorgeous sisters, Kavita, the queen of the group, Shilpi, a sweet personality and all others they really make a jovial team over there. It was really fun to learn and work with them.

The Fun Side of the Island

The Apartment Community...Essel Towers

Yessssssss…now we r on the fun-side of the Madagascar-ian island of Gurgaon – my accommodation…it was on the 16th floor of a huge apartment and within a planned community. The 1st thought i got was very dramatic though and influenced by ghastly TV soaps and commercials – it wud be a sure success to jump n commit suicide from the balcony. Of course, I was not up for it. Instead after entering my room what caught my fancy are the big wardrobes… I wish i would have bought all my dresses to increase their beauty…but alas!!! 3 days r not enough… so I just settled down and almost after ages browsed through TV again (last was in December ’10) … here are some picz of my room, the fun island.

Just a Glimpe of the Wardrobe I mentioned

On 18th the evening was great as my long time friend Dipanjan came to visit and a nice evening chatting about common interests , in the lounge, made the whole day great, along with other exciting factors of the same day. I got so tired that had dinner and plunged into deep sleep right away….even forgot to check my mobile balance leading to some tensions at home front… but cud clear the air the very next day.

Another side of my FUN-SIDE Island 😀

19th I went to office early around 8am to avoid the heat and catch up with the Yadav sisters and Kavita. The whole day went off just great like the previous day, in office and before I knew it, log off time was there. Was excited that I could meet up another long time friend whom I have not seen for 2 years! and then another nice evening with him, with a small visit to the nearby shopping malls. I didnt realize before, but i was lodged in the shopping mall heaven of Gurgaon…wish I had enough time and resources in hand to make most of this “boon”… but then except for the people, shopping malls dnt vary in the basic nature much…so it was okay also…all I know, I was enjoying the reality of being on a official tour and catching up with friends whom I wont be able to meet that easily again.

20th I saw the repetition of the earlier day only….exciting time in the office…going to the top floor lunch room with Khushboo n the group and then before I knew it was time to say goodbye to all. After coming back to my ‘home away from home’ I just packed all my belongings back and plunged into TV browsing…another happy and small outing with Rohan provided much needed relaxation for me and then before I knew it was time that this beautiful dream was drawing to an end. But all good times come to an end, as all say (why, why, why, why and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)… after reaching home I made everything ready so that I wont get late and then the day came to an END.

I dnt know whether I have learnt anything from this trip except for how to manage booking the cab n other tidbits, from this tiny journey…but all I know I had a great time being on an official tour for the first time in my life. Wish they wud have been a regular part of my job 🙂 …

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