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Hyderabad Krav Maga Featured in India Today

Hyderabad Krav Maga Featured in India Today

Knife Disarming Technique

A Krav Maga Session

Krav Maga in Hyderabad is getting popular each day with new people joining in almost every weekend! It is a good sign that awareness is spreading regarding self-defense and people are turning towards this practical self-defense art.

Stats apart, posting this picture here simply reflects my happiness to be featured in the picture, a session in the dojo 😀

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Krav Maga for LIFE – The Hyderabad Chapter

Krav Maga for Life – Chapter 2

Blindly believing “If you do not harm anyone, none will harm you” can work for many; may be in a lifetime they would not face any adversity. But, in a world governed by the principal of ‘survival of the fittest’, can we really be lackadaisical about our own safety? Probably not. And here comes the importance, the need of learning self defense techniques, the need of learning Krav Maga.

Why Krav Maga?

You can ask and of course, you should ask, before you commit yourself to the art. Krav Maga is an Israeli Martial Art that combines practical techniques of many other martial art forms like Muay Thai, Jujitsu etc. Basically this form teaches you 200% defense using your body to simultaneously defend against an attack thwart the adversary. You learn to defend yourself against apparently simple but potentially dangerous hand gripping to choke attacks, bear-hug attacks to disarming your opponent once you advance in the levels of learning Krav Maga. So, now you see the practicality of the training? And that’s not all; regular sessions will help you stay fit as each class opens with fair amount of warm up exercises as well.

Krav Maga Hyderabad Chapter

Krav Maga Hyderabad is a part of the Krav Maga India group which in turn is a part of the International Krav Maga Federation. Mr. Vikram Kapoor is the Chief Instructor of IKMF India and for all the centers in India. In the Hyderabad center Captain Ajit Varma, is our instructor. Classes are held in the dojo @360° Fitness, Jubilee Hills on weekend. With the rising enrollment almost every week, now there are two batches available. Beginners come in the 9am to 10:15am slot while the seniors practice in the second slot: 10:15am to 11:30 am.

The exciting and rigorous or excitingly-rigorous session starts with KIDA, the bow, and you are up for a relievingly exhaustive and enjoyable session. So, if you are looking to pep up your fitness regime with practical combative techniques or you are just simply a Krav Maga fan, just make up your mind to follow through the processes and visit the dojo.


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