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Training on Close-Space Combat Skills

When the ghastly rape and brutal murder of the Delhi girl left the nation in a miasma of rage, blame-game, sheepish statements and utter confusion, IKMF India efficiently organized a workshop on close-spaced combative techniques. Instead of raving on the situations with numerous attacks at every nook and corner of the country or rather the world, the need of the hour is to be prepared. To be able to defend yourself is not a luxury or extra curriculum activity any more. It has become a ‘requirement’. So, I happily jumped at the very first chance of learning these techniques and be part of an international workshop with fellow Kravists in the stalwart presence and expert supervision of Sensei Vikram Kapoor, the India head of IKMF.

While the technical details of the workshop very soon will be available at IKMF Hyderabad blog site, I would mainly concentrate on ‘the day’ as I experienced it 🙂 .

Let me begin with the pathetic search for the Kangaroo School ground, a pre-school, where the workshop took place. A constant 1 and 20 minutes search ultimately made me feel proud that I succeeded in helping the event by locating and informing our Hyderabad instructor Ajit Varma about the place accordingly. The joy was a flicker! The very next stroll dawned the information on me that the place could be reached in 5 minutes from the main road! But I chose to be happy…that’s it!


The school ground where we practiced

The School Van

The School Van

The closed-spaced bus in which we practiced

Next is the D-day! Both me and my hubby were oddly excited to think that we’ll be meeting Vicky Sir! Odd, cause the meeting with Sensei doesn’t mean a usual coffee table meeting but a strenuous workout session and we were getting happy to be ‘killed’! And he didn’t disappointed us 😀

Vikram Kapoor, IKMF India Head

Vikram Kapoor, IKMF India Head

That’s almost similar to the look when he first met us 😀

After a full 3 hours huffing-puffing we were thoroughly satisfied and the instructors called it a day. Here are some memorabilia from one of the events in my life which left me fully happy and brimming with joy!

The Hyderabad IKMF Group and other participants after the workshop

The Hyderabad IKMF Group and other participants after the workshop

Krav Maga for life, it is!

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