Random Thoughts

Endlessly Restless

It is one of those times when you know you have much works in hand but cannot finish anything…the reason being you cannot concentrate in anything at the first place….Today is one such day with me…If I could capture the promptly changing scenario inside my mind you would have got mad and trying to find something to throw at me to stop thinking…If at one moment my head is concentrating on writing a blog, the very next time it is the duty and the job in office that I am staring blankly at…the very next moment it is the pressing monetary situation that is making me count the dry notes in my purse showing how dry life can get with each of these leaves spent on something or other!!!

And like the eternal theme song or background music my mind is asking me to get back to work…there’s much to be done…there’s no enthusiasm left in me…I have always found myself planning something or other¬†unconsciously in my mind…when this type of call to get back to reality comes, I suddenly feel like have to wake up and take notice…but then again my mind slips away and sleeps through the chasm of dreams, despair, flowing river, frozen mountains, colorful valleys and color-lost leaves…

It is one such day when I am constantly wavering between my dead and alive mind…working and yet not-working, living and at the same time letting life slip through me…

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