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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” used to buzz in my ears as I used to sink back under my comforter. And the few days that I did run and cycled it was no motivational gibberish or any stories or the wish of weight loss that used to play in my head but pure simple counting numbers and trying to breathe in tune were my saviors. So I got up, ran, crossed my own limits, bought a cycle, took pictures with it to post on FB, took some more time to take it out, made some rounds with it, improved on that and then DONE! Practice was over and with an unsure heart just stood there at the starting line on the D-Day of Duathlon and finished it.

Then came the realization! I gave myself a nice gift on the eve of my 31st birthday, my first Duathlon medal! 😀


Now, for the record, the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) Duathlon was conducted on 20th October 2013 and consisted of 5KM run, 20KM cycling followed by 3KM run. And I could finish it within 2 hour 17 minutes.

Did I mention my major inspirations behind the participation? Here are they 😀


The HKMites Ajit sir, Ram n Me 🙂

And the personal photography & cheer-leading team consisting of Hubby, Rahul and Suvidha 😀


And now the beautiful memories of the event as it went and captured in pixels.


I sure enjoyed the run; both 5km and 3km…


Cycling back proved to be a pain!!!


The spirit of sportsmanship; Ram continued even after much pain and Sir helped like a true inspiration 🙂


A piece of cake!


Ram sure had an injury day!!! But kudos for continuing and finishing it even with a much better timing than me!


Uff ye ada!! 😀


U sure proved ur mettle!!!


The satisfied me! 😀

An eventful day ended with a nice group dinner at Mast Kalandar and now I am looking for the next such event to enjoy the gala time again 🙂 . Thanks GHAC for such a nice event.

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“You know, I have never felt that security, that feeling when you are being taken care of, being taken aback with sweet and lovely surprises…” and her voice trails off, “from the one you love or expect to be loved”…

With each blobbing sound that the pebbles are making when she is dropping them, a little wistfully, in the quiet lake below the rock she is sitting on, Naina cannot help thinking that those pebbles are drowning themselves under the weight of each single wish that she is carrying in her heart. Carrying, in silence, and burying forever.

“So? You are going to change all that? Ain’t you?”

Naina couldn’t hear any assurance from him, in word; just a hand on her shoulder drawing her close to him and she breathes life. Her eyes, she feels, suddenly heavy, scared to look at him, in fear of breaking the feathery softness of the moment; a moment that symbolizes the triumph of all the good things that human emotion has ever offered.

And suddenly she starts! With a little violent jerk in her heart she realizes that there is no hand wrapping her shoulder! That still there is a gap between them. It was she who was imagining things. Or is it? Naina feels a little distraught. She was talking, telling him how she feels and what she expects and waiting for his answer! Or did she really utter those words? Is it that the pebbles she is throwing into the water, they were talking back to her?

“Well, doesn’t matter”, she thinks. “As long as you sit beside me and we keep on translating the silence between us in our own way”. Silence speaks more than words – she remembers the poster suddenly flashing in her mind.

“What is he thinking?” Naina tries to probe into his mind. She steals a glance, daring not to disturb his train of thoughts. There is a faint smile by his lips and eyes give off a sense of things he may be thinking of, that Naina has no clue of knowing. Distant, this is the word that suddenly reflects in her mind and it stabs.

With a gasp, Naina controls herself. Cautious not to let him sense the sigh she let out just now. “He must be thinking of all the fun he keeps having with his colleagues and friends!…” Naina struggles desperately to catch a glimpse of his mind with the little information she has on him. The Facebook pages reveal him; naughty, moody, stylish, funny. She feels good, thinking how lively he looks in those pictures. And she musters some courage to look at him, suddenly seized by an intense urge to touch his lips. But no. She should not.

“You should keep all your past experiences to yourself” she recalls him telling her and it paralyzes her; right to the core. Naina feels drained, left with no ideas to talk forth. She feels scared once again, to look at him, although different reason this time. Awfully shamefaced that she was thinking of sharing all her past experiences as a means to finally let go of the sharp dagger that keeps slicing her till now.

“Selfish I’m; trying to burden him with my darkness.” Naina thinks.

“But then what we have between us? Shouldn’t we know each other behind the curtain to play the drama of life like pro?”

“How would we build the unique chemistry between us if we don’t know certain vital things that have made us the individuals we are today!”

Questions start clamoring; they start to take possession of her heart; they start buzzing like some crazy unstoppable vibration of a mobile phone.

“A phone?”

“Ohh! My phone was buzzing!” And her hand automatically reaches, stop the buzz and Naina opens her eyes.

“Dreams!!! Again!!!”

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Food for thought and thought for food. A cannot-do-without part of my life. It seems I get up with the thought of what I should be putting on the menu for breakfast to lunch till dinner, everyday. Tiring, to some extent; but exciting when a brilliant smile shoots across the faces tasting the delicacies and that’s the only reward I look up to. Unable to confine the joy within my heart only, here I share some of the dishes that I have taken most pleasure in cooking so far.


My food-o-rama, a gastronomic treat both to the stomach and eye, is just some of the modified version of what my mom is best at. After all, without giving proper credit to the mentor, we should not even dare to copy-paste some of the brilliant creations from a humble Bengal kitchen; lest you want the taste to be marred by the guilt.

In my short term study into the kitchenography, I’ve found that each preparation has some untold stories behind it. Some hilarious, some tilting a bit towards gruffy cooking, some inspired – it’s almost a collage of short stories, a slice of life to its own credit. What can be more spicy than these original spices from life adding flavor to each preparation! Stories of life told in a gastronomic treat 🙂 … life should be this savory, all the time.


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The Call Of The Mirage

“Cool breeze is playing with my hair; as if someone very much loving and caring is caressing me…soft sound of waves splashing against the river bank, creating such a music which is at once happy and sad…I am sitting on the rich velvety grass, resting my face on my knees and thinking… ”

“What was that I was thinking?” ‘Naina thought; “May be I was harping on the same lonely tune that my heart has become habituated with or, may be I was simply waiting for my STRANGER!!”

“Oh! hell with it!!! my head is full of thoughts for today’s event!!! Come on Nin! You have to keep a tab on yourself he has told you everything, every arrangements in detail …” Naina was talking to herself, fighting to keep back the excitement swelling up in her mind! “It is only 7 a.m. and he”ll be there at 2. Lots of time I’ve got; I’ll start my day as usual”, she resolved.

So, that is Naina; in short, every one’s dear Nin; a university goer, in her 2nd year; studious, sprightly, friendly but and here is the most important and ominous “but” which has stopped the otherwise free flow of happiness in her life. This “but” which peeped first in the early period of her adolescent days, has now assumed the shape of an immovable, rigid block, a piece of black mountain, arising preposterously in the way of her happiness, of being loved and cared for; this is the word which says that Nin is not at all attractive, or as the guys put it, “not hot enough” and therefore an alien to the buzzing world of love and excitements. So, to sum up, Naina has started waiting for her “MAN” when she was in the senior standards in school and her race for search for the ‘grail’ is still going on. Meanwhile, crushes, infatuations and little accidents like these have taken place following the natural rules; but never that BIG accident, for which Naina has been waiting so long until last week!! Yes, until the last week!! It was the most happening week in Naina’s life that has promised the ever anticipated ‘BIG ACCIDENT’.

It happened in this way Naina was sending romantic sms to one of her friends and it went [ as if by Cupid’s intervention] to a ‘wrong’ number; and the event fished out a person, Rahul; and within two days they were chatting as if they had known each other for ages like one soul in two bodies.

“Good morning dear! What is my Nin doing?” Rahul’s warm voice rang from the other end at 5 a.m. “Still in bed?”

“Ya what did you expect??… What happened?? You are calling this early???” ‘ said Naina in a voice wrapped in the laziness of early morning sleep.

“Simple darling; I just want to start my day with the sweet voice of my sweety” ‘ Rhul said. And this grew up with each passing day. It started to seem unthinkable for Rhul to go to bed without hearing Naina’s sexy voice at night and it has become impossible for Naina to take any decision without Rahul’s assistance and it has become now out of question not to meet each other. Today is that ‘DAY’; the ‘BIG DAY’, if not the accident itself! And it is at the dawn that Naina saw that dream; she sitting alone absorbed in deep thought and with an expression that Naina could not read

“Was it an expression of sadness? No, no, it cannot be! May be I was waiting for… ” she felt an unusual tightness in her heart, an uneasiness that is inexplicable, and she struggled to get rid of it; her face determined, “My Rahul is coming to meet me today and this is enough to be a dream by itself.”

At last the time has come! It is now ten minutes to 2 p.m.; and Rahul will be here.

“How am I going to greet him!!” Naina was arranging her sun-glass, her hair, and bag, and dress.

“Everything is okay. I have told him how I look and what I shall be wearing. He will recognize me.”

A little arrangement was there though; Rahul wants to recognize Naina first and give her a little surprise. So he kept his identity marks like, dress and other things, secret. But Naina is not bothered about that at all.

“I know my Rahul he is coming to meet his Nin;” And she looked at her watch it was 2 p.m. “Oh my God!! Why is my heart beating so fast!! Rahul where are you??!!”

And time went on dragging from 2 to 2:20 p.m. “I know; at any moment he will say, ‘got you at last honey!’; I know he will and then I’ll give him a sweet scolding for keeping me waiting ”

The clock struck 2:30; “Now I should give him a call”, Naina thought; her heart beating now not in joy but in some ominous apprehension. “Hello! Rahul? What happened? Why are you late? Where are you?…And the torrent of questions stopped suddenly!! A sound of call disconnection, a mechanical sound was ringing and spreading slowly all over Naina’s existence; Naina got a flash of her morning dream…Alone??? Alone!!! Someone started chanting in a dreamy voice,

“Alone, alone, all all alone

Alone in a wide wide sea”

Naina heard her voice in her mind, “please Mr. Coleridge, you leave me alone now.” “Yes, now I know that expression it was of seeing a mirage so alive!! Afterall, morning dreams never lie.”

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A Step Towards Emancipation

Being busy… going on official tours…getting things done and at the same time touching a new personal milestone in the journey of life – all these and more have always been my dreams so far my career is concerned. When I have not become a travel writer (donno also whether this dream can ever be realized!!!) official tours have always remain something of a dainty to me that I was yet to taste; and lo and behold – suddenly I got the chance out of nowhere!!! It was a moment of super joy and satisfaction for me.

Going on a three days journey to an unknown city and alone was…………………well, not much of a challenge for me; coz i was too excited. All my tensions were only regarding my over anxious mom and her far fetched apprehensions!!! But “moms”, u know!!! They never change; n good that they never change…sometimes I do need the grounding to be within my limits. But anyways, here are the awesome three days, small piece of really tasty bits of life that I luckily got in my plate and hungry that I was, I tasted every bit of it.

The Journey

After much, much n much drama from the management regarding booking the ticket, ultimately they booked the flight with much delay and wastage of time; of course they were “managing”. But I got what I needed – both way confirmed tickets to and from Gurgaon…n next I know i was on my way on 18th May ’11…it was thrilling to go alone, taking care of everything on my own and of course fun to update every step in Facebook n getting comments on them. Then  I finally reached and the real task began to locate the office. With me the cab driver also lost his head (and sanity, I believe) it seems, while locating the office, but we managed to pin it after much effort. The return journey was also almost the same except for a strange feeling in my heart that when I will reach home!!!  I can never explain this bit as I really enjoyed in Gurgaon and would have loved to stay back another week!!! But sometimes unknown feeling r better to leave to its own rather than trying to explain.

The Office

In Office..the Yadav Sisters

The head office was good with a good set up. It was the people over there that caught my admiration. A bunch of lively and yet professional group infusing life in everyone they come across and probably in every inanimate object!!! No wonder I felt so at home with them. It was not emotional while leaving on Friday evening but yes I felt if I was recruited over there it wud have been great…Shweta and Shruti the two bubbly and gorgeous sisters, Kavita, the queen of the group, Shilpi, a sweet personality and all others they really make a jovial team over there. It was really fun to learn and work with them.

The Fun Side of the Island

The Apartment Community...Essel Towers

Yessssssss…now we r on the fun-side of the Madagascar-ian island of Gurgaon – my accommodation…it was on the 16th floor of a huge apartment and within a planned community. The 1st thought i got was very dramatic though and influenced by ghastly TV soaps and commercials – it wud be a sure success to jump n commit suicide from the balcony. Of course, I was not up for it. Instead after entering my room what caught my fancy are the big wardrobes… I wish i would have bought all my dresses to increase their beauty…but alas!!! 3 days r not enough… so I just settled down and almost after ages browsed through TV again (last was in December ’10) … here are some picz of my room, the fun island.

Just a Glimpe of the Wardrobe I mentioned

On 18th the evening was great as my long time friend Dipanjan came to visit and a nice evening chatting about common interests , in the lounge, made the whole day great, along with other exciting factors of the same day. I got so tired that had dinner and plunged into deep sleep right away….even forgot to check my mobile balance leading to some tensions at home front… but cud clear the air the very next day.

Another side of my FUN-SIDE Island 😀

19th I went to office early around 8am to avoid the heat and catch up with the Yadav sisters and Kavita. The whole day went off just great like the previous day, in office and before I knew it, log off time was there. Was excited that I could meet up another long time friend whom I have not seen for 2 years! and then another nice evening with him, with a small visit to the nearby shopping malls. I didnt realize before, but i was lodged in the shopping mall heaven of Gurgaon…wish I had enough time and resources in hand to make most of this “boon”… but then except for the people, shopping malls dnt vary in the basic nature much…so it was okay also…all I know, I was enjoying the reality of being on a official tour and catching up with friends whom I wont be able to meet that easily again.

20th I saw the repetition of the earlier day only….exciting time in the office…going to the top floor lunch room with Khushboo n the group and then before I knew it was time to say goodbye to all. After coming back to my ‘home away from home’ I just packed all my belongings back and plunged into TV browsing…another happy and small outing with Rohan provided much needed relaxation for me and then before I knew it was time that this beautiful dream was drawing to an end. But all good times come to an end, as all say (why, why, why, why and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)… after reaching home I made everything ready so that I wont get late and then the day came to an END.

I dnt know whether I have learnt anything from this trip except for how to manage booking the cab n other tidbits, from this tiny journey…but all I know I had a great time being on an official tour for the first time in my life. Wish they wud have been a regular part of my job 🙂 …

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How Much Is Too Much!!!!!!!

This is the question that ever bugs me…how much is really too much? Take for instance a job recruiting field. Recently I have been to this “all-dreamers-and-no-real-payment-for-you” company, where I was asked to sign a one year contract; and not only this I even had to deposit my original academic documents with them!!! And when I asked for a suitable salary for this one year during which period I would not be able to avail any other chances no matter better pay-package or brands, they won’t budge. They would be sticking to their offer and I have to bow down that “ohh u r the GREAT Entrepreneur and I have to be elated to be a a part of your DREAM” and forget about the inflation that is making it impossible to live on a meager salary!!! And that too when I know my professional experience and academic qualification should get me the salary I quoted. So the question arises, did I really demanded too much!!! How much is too much, seriously!!!

And then there comes the practical field of life where every single day I am harassed by the events of my personal life. I feel like screaming on top of my voice; act like a lunatic and yet the masks of a docile wife, a loving partner, a civilian stops me. I cannot scream; I cannot do anything just carry on with this “chillax” attitude that the passers by are ready to throw at you at every chance. Go to a friend to have some sympathy and he would say, “chillax budz”…go to a colleague to share and you will hear  “take it light man”…that’s how life is…and again I ask: “How much is really too much”…

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Much Ado about Auto – My Hyderabad Life:

Life is all about taking chances, availing opportunities and learning endlessly. At a time when almost each new day some or other doors for a brand new career is opening, would you not be interested in availing a “COURSE” that will no doubt equip you with practical knowledge and in hand/on-the-spot practice? If this is not convincing enough, let me shed some more light on the wide ranging benefits of this course. You will be endowed with the gift of gab; you can acquire the timely weapon to stop the invasion of money-eating monsters and what’s more, at the end of the day you will gain much knowledge about the way of the world and the degree you will earn would give you the title of being “Material-wise”!!!

There will be no boundaries of the traditional four-walled classroom; the timing – flexible enough, not distant but a regular course; you can just chill, preserve your energy, watch and learn; the course fee – nominal and the scope, as discussed – limitless!!! Now you must be wondering what this course is??? It’s nothing but a lifetime lesson in money management through riding auto-rickshaws in Hyderabad!!! Sounds fun right?

So, gear up my near and dear ones, my friends and others out there; come to Hyderabad to avail another opportunity this “City of Golden Opportunities” is offering you! Want to have some primary ideas? I’ll give you some interactive examples; you can anytime put yourself in my place and start learning. So, here we go:

On a Regular Office Day:

(Scene no:1)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: Tuht!! (Meaning  – for this short distance? NO WAY/ how can you even ask!! Pagal hay kya!!)

(Scene no:2)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: Ameerpet??? (Acting and expression shows he is trying hard to remember that Pandora!)

ADVICE: Leave him wondering forever to locate Ameerpet in Hyderabad.


(Scene no:3)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: “farty de do” (means, Rs. 40/- u have to pay).

***IMP***:  BEGUMPET Shyamlal Building Area to Ameerpet Aditya Trade Center is hardly Rs./-33-34.

Me: Forty nahi hota hay udhar taak.

Autowala: “To kya hona?” (Means how much you are offering?)

Me: Meter se chalo.

*** Either the autowala will take you reluctantly or you have to walk away at this point.

*** Now if you somehow manage to get into the auto various other scenes follow; take out your notebooks students and make these important notes:

Points to be noted:

  • Meter starts changing after 1.5 km. Every 100 m is 70 paisa.
  • It’s excellent to have an idea at which place or near certain landmark what the meter can generally be. You will be quick to notice unusual long jumping of the meter!
  • Have change always ready or else do not expect to get back Rs. 2-3 as they never may have seen changes in their lives!

Acquiring “Gift of Gab”:

This is one of the never to be overlooked benefits of this extraordinary course. Have a look at these examples:

(On the meter being Rs35 when the autowala demands Rs. 40)

Autowala:  “Farty” de do…

Me: It is 35.

Autowala: 5 rupees se kya farak paadta hay??

Me: Exactly; to 5 rupees kaam le lo!!!

Dear friends and students, there are untold number of interactive lessons you will be taught. Just remember, this moving classroom is a place which doesn’t allow you to lose your focus and day/night dream. So get enrolled and earn a degree that will pay you no matter which city you live in next.

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Touching Yet Another Milestone!!!

Another Glorious momentHave heard so many thing about this “moment”…so many jokes; so many apprehensions; so many dreams; in fact it can seem that the name of this particular event or moment can be termed as “SO MANY” :D… n to some some extent it is true also. After all it is “Marriage”… a simple eight letter word and yet embracing untold number of aspects of life!!!

But I don’t want to talk about the cobweb of lectures and traditional ideas or the advices and outlooks here. I simply want to register the fun I have experienced and about the people who made me happy during the last 1 week of my marriage and reception ceremony. So here it is….

Wat to say about my own family!!! They r always great n welcoming…n the good thing is, in my marriage I don’t feel distant from them. This is may be coz I already live far away from them for my job and 2ndly may be becoz its a love marriage. So marriage has not come to me as a parting relation wid my parents nor even a crying ceremony. So lets go back to the marriage day…all I can think of it in one word is “fun”. Ya it was fun and enjoyable. The traditional rituals that I liked most was me being carried on a wooden seat by my cousin bro and the subsequent “who is higher than whom” contest with the groom!!! I also liked the part where together with him, my Shubho, I had to give anjali to the Jyagya fire. n da pictures also came “coooooool” ;)…

Now about moving to his house…now this is where like every other galz I also had some tensions…but the 4 days dat I lived there before coming back to Hyderabad, were awesome!!! This is mainly because of the warm welcome and the sincere mingling I received from his relatives. I would like to admit again n again that I have never before so moved and impressed by anyone’s relatives sooooooooo very much…n the GREAT thing is now they r my own people also!!! A blessing from my marriage I suppose 😀 …

And what else to talk about our life after marriage…except for the bangles that I am wearing everything is just the same…thanx to our 9 months old live in relation…so in short I can still relate to my life the way I was and enjoying it…

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The labyrinth of life

The Maze

The Maze

As we converse, share our views and ultimately unwind in the labyrinth of thoughts, all I can make out of this whole drama is that we, the new age girls or women in our mid 20s, have become so restless over our life. If someone is in Government job, which is the “epitome” of security, she wants to leave it for a private job. On the other hand, another want to switch from private to government job as she prioritizes security!!

Again, after five to seven years of passionate relations with would be “better halves” they try desperately to break up!! And the fun or rather the confusion lies in the scene that, the very next day they will again be living on the Hindi Movie terminology of “jaan” n “janus”!!

Cases are also there regarding the much covered and yet the essential aspect of “sex”. One partner or many? Better to be with one with emotional satisfaction and yet less sexual ardour or to choose many with no emotional gratifications at all!!!

Questions flies around us like the sparks from the hearth; life moves on and the lack of proper answer makes us restless. Or is it the age itself that is feeding on this general trend? It all reminds only one thing over and over, life is a constant search for a final solution which may be none has got ever!!

I wonder why we have become so restless?

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Hello world!

Well, yet another new blog site for me….I’ve got so much to say…so much to share…and yet time is passing by…I have never experienced this much fast pace of life before!!! Is this what we call “life at the first lane”??? But surely, blogging is a part and parcel of my life…I may not write anything in my blog pages…yet everyday, every moment web of words, ideas stimulated by the events passing by, are formed in my mind…wish there cud be some technology to directly transfer whatever is there in my mind to my blog-pages!!! 😀

Anyways, this a promise to myself…I shall be regular here…I need to record every passing day of my life now…as I see the world…as the worlds sees me…my hopes…my dearms…everything.

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