Slouching Time is Over! Hyderabad’s Drowning in Water Crisis!

What do you do when a crisis of international standard creeps into your secure home and tugs at your comforter? You wake up with a start. And this is exactly the situation I am facing right now. Water crisis! So long just two words in my world, suddenly makes an appearance in a real avatar pushing my day-to-day life at such an edge as to force me to consider leaving the city for good! But that’s not a digestible solution at all!

So, I spent my morning half in daze shifting uneasily from one washroom to the other to the kitchen to the wash-basin to fill up the buckets and my evening soiree sees the repetition, only this time daze is replaced by the tiredness of a grinding day at work.

Here, let me leave nothing to imagination…


The Indian Express ‘expresses’ rightly…


The Times of India captures the resentment and helplessness…


The Hindu shows the real face…


Got the real picture? The catastrophe? The Doomsday? Well, if we don’t become aware and start taking actions in preserving rain water and making other arrangements to abate the Global Warming, the picture is going to become much more menacing in coming years! 😦

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4 thoughts on “Slouching Time is Over! Hyderabad’s Drowning in Water Crisis!

  1. Is this where you live? I am sorry about the water shortage. It’s usually a terrible thing. Okay I have to go to bed now. It’s very late!!


    • rinibiswas

      Yup…I live in Hyderabad, India…n i do hope with the arrival of monsoon (rainy season) the problem will vanish…let’s see…u’ve a nice rest…good night Liz.


  2. At least I have read about the monsoon and I also studied it in physical geography. I also read the book “The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy” it was very interesting and I got to learn a lot about India. But we also watch a lot of news about women problems in India. Hope you will have some water soon. Goonight!


    • rinibiswas

      That’s a nice book indeed! N ya, abt women problem in India, it is getting increasingly worrisome…that’s why I enrolled for this martial art called Krav Maga and I keep on suggesting my other women friends to do the same…but u know, until the mentality changes here, nothing fruitful can be done. Sadly a vast number of women folks are so brainwashed by typical patriarchal teachings that they have become the main enemy for women voicing their rights.

      Anyways, it is really nice to see you take time and drop by my posts, Liz. You also have a great day ahead.

      Cheers 🙂


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