A Fun Filled Krav Maga Team Outing – Part I

It was a CW Proposal. If you are wondering what or who this highly confidential sounding CW is, then here is the answer – CW denotes Mr. Clarence Wong, the never exhaustive activity think-tank in our energetic Hyderabad Krav Maga family. Now, to catch up on the trail let’s come back to the ‘CW Proposal’ which was a quick trip to Medak Church and the nearby dam. So, on a fine Saturday afternoon, divided in four cars, we started our trip.

The group on the trip


The journey that ensued created a string of fun-filled moments that till date we cherish. For instance the memorable detour of our Sir ji and Rahul; their pakoda picnic on the way while the rest of us was trying to get them back with us thinking they are having a hard time finding the way back!

medak2Sir n Rahul before taking off to their detour! 😀

We also did experience being ‘stranded’ in the middle of a highway, that also sitting in a moving car due a spectacular difference in speed between the three other cars! While CW’s mean-machine zoomed passed ours, there was no sign of Sir’s Yeti cause of his cautious driving 😀 . The only relief was the occasional view of Kaushik’s car which signaled that we’re on the right way!

knThat’s KN’s car; our relief!

And at last we reached! The rain started by that time creating a lovely weather but also hurrying us up on the way back. So, here are some quick treat to eyes, the places that we visited –

churchThe Medak Church, our main trip attraction.

medak4A view from the Church entrance of the rain drenched pathway.

dam 1Trip attraction No: 2; Medak Dam

dam2A lovely water bed near the dam.

And as the evening darkness was setting in fast, conniving with the cloudy weather, we had to start our return journey ASAP. But a lovely and memorable trip was this one paving way for many more in the days to come 🙂

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