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Life Begins @30!!!


The numbers are just a trick played by your mind ‘polished’ with social conventions, norms, rules, customs and other blah n blahs! You can always check the strength of these so called ‘guardians’, the ideas, against the natural element, say for instance water, and washed these shackles will be for sure; freeing you and giving a chance to be yourself!

So, here I started; moused through the RSVP platform and found myself at the start of an amazing weekend trip, my very first adventure trip to Dandeli; yonder to the white water of River Kali. I flowed, drowned, floated, choked, laughed, screamed, survived and LIVED!

Several stages of being one with the nature woven together, thanks to modern technology!


The rocking ride.


The much ‘awaited’ collision!


The ‘content’ n thoroughly happy me 🙂


A chatty gathering of the thrilled group around the camp-fire. The warmth ensued from those flames paved way for dreams untold…


A peaceful night out in the tent amid the nature, twinkling starts and night chill.


Starting off for the next installment of fun. The whole group together.



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Zipping Myself Up for More Thrills


So Zip-lining it is!!! The first call for the first adventure activity in my recent trip to Dandeli in Karnataka, India.  Have seen several pictures of people happily hanging themselves in the name of this one! On further research on info and images I was ‘made’ prepared for this event. But the experience I had was reflected in neither those words or in those images! An experience totally different that will take me to try zip-lining even from greater heights in future, for sure. 🙂

Getting Harnessed

On reaching the spot, the experienced instructor got me buckled up or strapped in a multi-layered harness, a pair of sturdy but slightly torn gloves, bearing the marks of repeated trips to the other side and explained the lines on which I have to push meyself forward. Once hooked to the line it was all upon me to decide whether to enjoy or panic or just hang in the air. My choice was for the first option and I was literally drawn towards the river. I wanted to hang just on the rapid in the middle of the river to get soaked in the refreshing splash of Kali river and I DID so! It was so much fun to experience the shower, the wind, soaking into the nature and experience the zip-lining for the first time. Never got so many perks all at once!!! Nature is indeed benevolent 🙂

Finishing Touch

And the touch it was!!!!! Ouch!!! The cable-grabbing trolley came over to the sides of my over-sized gloves, getting it stuck to the line and breaking off my refreshingly dreamy state  😦 . Fortunately I didn’t have to struggle much to get it out. But signal it was – to move myself off to the other side and let others try the activity too… (Did that darn trolley purposefully do that!! Hmmm!). After this I dragged myself forward and finished the amazing journey quite fast.  The helper on the other side got me out of the hook, harness and helped me to get to the ground and relish the just finished activity at length 🙂

zip finish

Things You Should Remember

Please don’t get carried away! By that I didn’t mean that you should hang on to the line at one place, mind it! You should not panic either. Just follow the instructions to pull and move yourself to the other side, properly. Otherwise you will run the risk of getting stuck in the line, like me.

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