Krav Maga for LIFE

I cannot remember what was my reaction when I first heard the name of this martial art form. Neither can I recall the feelings while visiting the dojo for the first time. All that unfamiliar feelings, however, are changed now; replaced with a smile, a vibe of life, cause Krav Maga has become an indispensable part of my life. Krav Maga for ‘life’, truly!

Martial art, like many other traditions of India, has always been there, embedded in the main stream of life, but passed into oblivion. I cannot but feel a bout of sadness to see that the moment ‘martial art’ is uttered, all that the common folks remember is the Far East, the legends and contemporary practitioners, not in the real life arena but in the reel life. Not that it is bad; not that I don’t respect those famous figures who have ‘earned’ their fame through rigorous practice and not by chance. But the itching part is, very few of us are aware of our indigenous martial art forms like “Gatka”, “Silambam” or “Kalaripayattu” though fortunately the last one has gained some mileage now. On the contrary, it is almost ironical to see there is no dearth of karate or kung-fu masters (at least in their words, if not in action or practice) that you’ll meet in every nook and corner in India. Finding the ‘real master’ is to find the needle in the haystack! But that’s a different story. What my point is, you will easily find many people familiar even with the names like Muay Thai, Taekwondo, various styles of Kung-Fu so on and so forth, but very few who are truly aware of our indigenous martial art forms! And it is almost a relief that I feel seeing very few people actually know of Krav Maga cause those who ‘know’, are really aware of this practical form of martial art. A BIIIIIIG relief, I would say. Call me a deterrent material on the way of popularity for Krav Maga, but I really do not wish my dearest form of martial art gaining popularity through fake practitioners. Let it be exclusive, but let it be practiced by those who love this art from their hearts and not for their ‘reel-life’ inspired portrait of martial arts.

And so, here I go again. Unlike many girls and like some, I was enthusiastic about learning martial arts during my academic life. But ‘like’ many Bengali parents cancelling the ‘unlikely’ breach of common Bengali traditions doled out for girls, I was prescribed a doze of practice – not instrumental but vocal feats of music – Classical, Rabindra-sangeet, Nazrul-Geeti and so on!!! So my dear dream of training in martial arts went into a slumber for almost 18 years before it was shaken and stirred up by the chance meeting with Krav Maga, through my dear hubby. And the story began.

It is only 5 months now, that we are practicing Krav and already in love with this practical form of self-defense techniques. And if the chance meeting with Krav Maga was not enough, we’ve got luckier to get an enthusiastic team of fellow Kravists, all training under the experienced instructor, the talented Mr. Ajit Varma, the ‘Sir’, our sir 🙂 .

We all look forward to the promising 48 hours; may be some of us begin our Monday thinking that 5 more days to go to the ‘promised hour’!!! I did it and still do it. But now I look forward to even more exciting 3 hours within that 48 hours; the 3 hours that have given a motive to my life (not that I didn’t have any; after all waiting for the next End of the Season Sale can also be motive enough :D), something without which weekends become meaningless to me and it is Krav Maga, it is the dojo, the familiar faces and the comforting, stout presence of Sir that make me feel that yes, life is worth living.

A journey that started in August 2012 at the 360° Fitness center, the location of the Hyderabad dojo of Krav Maga India, a part of the renowned International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), is still in its nascent state; but promising enough to get me addicted and look forward to a long-term association with the art form, with the honorable instructors and with the bunch of crazy-unique fellow Kravists.

Krav Maga – bringing lives together, weaving the dreams and passions for A BETTER LIFE.

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2 thoughts on “Krav Maga for LIFE

  1. Shubhajit Chowdhury

    😀 Nice one. A pleasant surprise, to me, I must say. What else can I say except that four letter word…KIDA!


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