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Food for thought and thought for food. A cannot-do-without part of my life. It seems I get up with the thought of what I should be putting on the menu for breakfast to lunch till dinner, everyday. Tiring, to some extent; but exciting when a brilliant smile shoots across the faces tasting the delicacies and that’s the only reward I look up to. Unable to confine the joy within my heart only, here I share some of the dishes that I have taken most pleasure in cooking so far.


My food-o-rama, a gastronomic treat both to the stomach and eye, is just some of the modified version of what my mom is best at. After all, without giving proper credit to the mentor, we should not even dare to copy-paste some of the brilliant creations from a humble Bengal kitchen; lest you want the taste to be marred by the guilt.

In my short term study into the kitchenography, I’ve found that each preparation has some untold stories behind it. Some hilarious, some tilting a bit towards gruffy cooking, some inspired – it’s almost a collage of short stories, a slice of life to its own credit. What can be more spicy than these original spices from life adding flavor to each preparation! Stories of life told in a gastronomic treat 🙂 … life should be this savory, all the time.


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