The Call Of The Mirage

“Cool breeze is playing with my hair; as if someone very much loving and caring is caressing me…soft sound of waves splashing against the river bank, creating such a music which is at once happy and sad…I am sitting on the rich velvety grass, resting my face on my knees and thinking… ”

“What was that I was thinking?” ‘Naina thought; “May be I was harping on the same lonely tune that my heart has become habituated with or, may be I was simply waiting for my STRANGER!!”

“Oh! hell with it!!! my head is full of thoughts for today’s event!!! Come on Nin! You have to keep a tab on yourself he has told you everything, every arrangements in detail …” Naina was talking to herself, fighting to keep back the excitement swelling up in her mind! “It is only 7 a.m. and he”ll be there at 2. Lots of time I’ve got; I’ll start my day as usual”, she resolved.

So, that is Naina; in short, every one’s dear Nin; a university goer, in her 2nd year; studious, sprightly, friendly but and here is the most important and ominous “but” which has stopped the otherwise free flow of happiness in her life. This “but” which peeped first in the early period of her adolescent days, has now assumed the shape of an immovable, rigid block, a piece of black mountain, arising preposterously in the way of her happiness, of being loved and cared for; this is the word which says that Nin is not at all attractive, or as the guys put it, “not hot enough” and therefore an alien to the buzzing world of love and excitements. So, to sum up, Naina has started waiting for her “MAN” when she was in the senior standards in school and her race for search for the ‘grail’ is still going on. Meanwhile, crushes, infatuations and little accidents like these have taken place following the natural rules; but never that BIG accident, for which Naina has been waiting so long until last week!! Yes, until the last week!! It was the most happening week in Naina’s life that has promised the ever anticipated ‘BIG ACCIDENT’.

It happened in this way Naina was sending romantic sms to one of her friends and it went [ as if by Cupid’s intervention] to a ‘wrong’ number; and the event fished out a person, Rahul; and within two days they were chatting as if they had known each other for ages like one soul in two bodies.

“Good morning dear! What is my Nin doing?” Rahul’s warm voice rang from the other end at 5 a.m. “Still in bed?”

“Ya what did you expect??… What happened?? You are calling this early???” ‘ said Naina in a voice wrapped in the laziness of early morning sleep.

“Simple darling; I just want to start my day with the sweet voice of my sweety” ‘ Rhul said. And this grew up with each passing day. It started to seem unthinkable for Rhul to go to bed without hearing Naina’s sexy voice at night and it has become impossible for Naina to take any decision without Rahul’s assistance and it has become now out of question not to meet each other. Today is that ‘DAY’; the ‘BIG DAY’, if not the accident itself! And it is at the dawn that Naina saw that dream; she sitting alone absorbed in deep thought and with an expression that Naina could not read

“Was it an expression of sadness? No, no, it cannot be! May be I was waiting for… ” she felt an unusual tightness in her heart, an uneasiness that is inexplicable, and she struggled to get rid of it; her face determined, “My Rahul is coming to meet me today and this is enough to be a dream by itself.”

At last the time has come! It is now ten minutes to 2 p.m.; and Rahul will be here.

“How am I going to greet him!!” Naina was arranging her sun-glass, her hair, and bag, and dress.

“Everything is okay. I have told him how I look and what I shall be wearing. He will recognize me.”

A little arrangement was there though; Rahul wants to recognize Naina first and give her a little surprise. So he kept his identity marks like, dress and other things, secret. But Naina is not bothered about that at all.

“I know my Rahul he is coming to meet his Nin;” And she looked at her watch it was 2 p.m. “Oh my God!! Why is my heart beating so fast!! Rahul where are you??!!”

And time went on dragging from 2 to 2:20 p.m. “I know; at any moment he will say, ‘got you at last honey!’; I know he will and then I’ll give him a sweet scolding for keeping me waiting ”

The clock struck 2:30; “Now I should give him a call”, Naina thought; her heart beating now not in joy but in some ominous apprehension. “Hello! Rahul? What happened? Why are you late? Where are you?…And the torrent of questions stopped suddenly!! A sound of call disconnection, a mechanical sound was ringing and spreading slowly all over Naina’s existence; Naina got a flash of her morning dream…Alone??? Alone!!! Someone started chanting in a dreamy voice,

“Alone, alone, all all alone

Alone in a wide wide sea”

Naina heard her voice in her mind, “please Mr. Coleridge, you leave me alone now.” “Yes, now I know that expression it was of seeing a mirage so alive!! Afterall, morning dreams never lie.”

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