How Much Is Too Much!!!!!!!

This is the question that ever bugs me…how much is really too much? Take for instance a job recruiting field. Recently I have been to this “all-dreamers-and-no-real-payment-for-you” company, where I was asked to sign a one year contract; and not only this I even had to deposit my original academic documents with them!!! And when I asked for a suitable salary for this one year during which period I would not be able to avail any other chances no matter better pay-package or brands, they won’t budge. They would be sticking to their offer and I have to bow down that “ohh u r the GREAT Entrepreneur and I have to be elated to be a a part of your DREAM” and forget about the inflation that is making it impossible to live on a meager salary!!! And that too when I know my professional experience and academic qualification should get me the salary I quoted. So the question arises, did I really demanded too much!!! How much is too much, seriously!!!

And then there comes the practical field of life where every single day I am harassed by the events of my personal life. I feel like screaming on top of my voice; act like a lunatic and yet the masks of a docile wife, a loving partner, a civilian stops me. I cannot scream; I cannot do anything just carry on with this “chillax” attitude that the passers by are ready to throw at you at every chance. Go to a friend to have some sympathy and he would say, “chillax budz”…go to a colleague to share and you will hear  “take it light man”…that’s how life is…and again I ask: “How much is really too much”…

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3 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much!!!!!!!

  1. writing is highly tangent.


  2. I ,yet, never tasted the sweet that are more than your words in the blog. YOU just moved the hearts


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