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An Affair to Remember


My First Home Made Momo

I am never satisfied with only one or one time…yes I admit that. After all why being so shamefaced about something which makes you feel elated? Something that truly makes you feel satisfied for being here in this world! And so, I have decided; ultimately I have decided to pour down all my feelings through the drop of words for you all. “You” – people who are integral parts of my life; my very existence revolves round you. So, here is how it all began…how the urge grew up and how ultimately I have quenched my insatiable thirst that has led to one HOT and STEAMY affair in my life.
Like many of my obsessions this very thirst and hunger that tortures me so frequently, this craving, began during my trip to Gangtok. I tasted it there first time and since then, even after almost eleven years, the hunger is still alive. The softness of the touch just like the petals of a rose; the feel and that warmth that immediately drowns all my senses with deep satisfaction, yes, it all began there and from time to time till now it fills me up to the brim. I surrender to its irresistible attraction and so does the other one involved. The entire event makes me wonder how many mysteries and glorious feelings like this one our earth, our world holds for us!!! You call it my sin? I will gladly be a sinner then. It feels real good to be alive and be a part of an experience that has no parallel; well, at least to me.
As I said, from time to time, from moment to moment, I have received this benign touch; a feeling that frees me from the daily squalor and frustrations of life. A moment which is so pure when you have taken only the senses into considerations, no motive, no barrier of what is good and bad; only the touch, the smell, the overpowering sensation. Well, to me, since the world gives heck about my wellbeing why should not I enjoy my li’l moments of extreme pleasure and satisfaction! After all, it makes ME happy; may be for some minutes and delves a bit into the pocket, yet it’s the feeling of being free that matters. I can take the risk of being drowned into this pleasure again and again.
And so, I decided…I DECIDED to never let go of this pleasure from my life again. I decided to make it all mine so that whenever I please I can have it. But it requires time, some investment, lots of patience and my own effort. I was ready to give all. I GAVE all and I was not disappointed. I totally enjoyed myself in my hot and steamy affair. I know no matter how gross it sounds for me to dish out all these for you guys, you will love to learn the DETAILS. So, here it is –
Last Wednesday (20th October ’10…how can I ever forget the date!!!) after a whole day of toil in office I returned home tired. But I was also excited; for I knew that was the night that my wish, my hope will come true. After changing into a comfortable night attire, I went to kitchen. Table top is always a good place to have it and in my case it was inseparable part of the whole affair. I prepared every item as I took detail guidance from various websites and also took some lesson from YouTube; graphic details always helps better, you know. And so I was ready. It all started; my heart was beating fast; I was sweating out of excitement and for the heat of the event. Slowly but steadily I was approaching towards the end. And there IT was ultimately. It took almost 20-30 minutes for the entire event to take place. But it all ended up quite good.
I succeeded in making MOMO… and from now on I can have this juicy, soft, irresistible delicacy whenever I need at home!!! I am sooooooo happy. Life is blessed when there are momos! 😀
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