Finished for the day and for the week……

Finished for the day and for the week…now weekend masti… :D…It was an usual low key Friday as always…dragged myself to work…started the day and then flew with the wave of the day as it took me…except for experimenting with widgets and templates of my blog, nothing much interesting happened…However, the day WAS different but on a negative pitch…It was the last day in ESS for Shoaib and we had to bid him adieu though it was obvious that right from top management to his colleagues, none was willing to say goodbye to him…

I should mention about Shoaib here…a person in whom I have seen the amazing combination of contemporary style and deep devotion to his religion…always cool, suave and standing tall (literally) tat is Shoaib , as I have seen him…I would miss the moments we have shared in the office – those mail-wars, biscuit and chocolate sharing…his blessings and prayers at every sadness that I have shared with him and above all his wits….Shoaib can easily be an example for many to follow and revere….I do WISH that he can lead his life in a better and meaningful way no matter which state or which country he goes in.


Parting ways; Shoaib in the middle

And so the day ended…with much fake smiles and genuine sadness reflecting in every eye, with much said and much more kept inside heart, with goodbyes or see you later (as Shoiab would say) the day ended for me and we, all travelers of life, moved to the next chapter…

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One thought on “Finished for the day and for the week……

  1. santanu

    good good


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