Much Ado about Auto – My Hyderabad Life:

Life is all about taking chances, availing opportunities and learning endlessly. At a time when almost each new day some or other doors for a brand new career is opening, would you not be interested in availing a “COURSE” that will no doubt equip you with practical knowledge and in hand/on-the-spot practice? If this is not convincing enough, let me shed some more light on the wide ranging benefits of this course. You will be endowed with the gift of gab; you can acquire the timely weapon to stop the invasion of money-eating monsters and what’s more, at the end of the day you will gain much knowledge about the way of the world and the degree you will earn would give you the title of being “Material-wise”!!!

There will be no boundaries of the traditional four-walled classroom; the timing – flexible enough, not distant but a regular course; you can just chill, preserve your energy, watch and learn; the course fee – nominal and the scope, as discussed – limitless!!! Now you must be wondering what this course is??? It’s nothing but a lifetime lesson in money management through riding auto-rickshaws in Hyderabad!!! Sounds fun right?

So, gear up my near and dear ones, my friends and others out there; come to Hyderabad to avail another opportunity this “City of Golden Opportunities” is offering you! Want to have some primary ideas? I’ll give you some interactive examples; you can anytime put yourself in my place and start learning. So, here we go:

On a Regular Office Day:

(Scene no:1)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: Tuht!! (Meaning  – for this short distance? NO WAY/ how can you even ask!! Pagal hay kya!!)

(Scene no:2)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: Ameerpet??? (Acting and expression shows he is trying hard to remember that Pandora!)

ADVICE: Leave him wondering forever to locate Ameerpet in Hyderabad.


(Scene no:3)

Me: Ameerpet chaloge?

Autowala: “farty de do” (means, Rs. 40/- u have to pay).

***IMP***:  BEGUMPET Shyamlal Building Area to Ameerpet Aditya Trade Center is hardly Rs./-33-34.

Me: Forty nahi hota hay udhar taak.

Autowala: “To kya hona?” (Means how much you are offering?)

Me: Meter se chalo.

*** Either the autowala will take you reluctantly or you have to walk away at this point.

*** Now if you somehow manage to get into the auto various other scenes follow; take out your notebooks students and make these important notes:

Points to be noted:

  • Meter starts changing after 1.5 km. Every 100 m is 70 paisa.
  • It’s excellent to have an idea at which place or near certain landmark what the meter can generally be. You will be quick to notice unusual long jumping of the meter!
  • Have change always ready or else do not expect to get back Rs. 2-3 as they never may have seen changes in their lives!

Acquiring “Gift of Gab”:

This is one of the never to be overlooked benefits of this extraordinary course. Have a look at these examples:

(On the meter being Rs35 when the autowala demands Rs. 40)

Autowala:  “Farty” de do…

Me: It is 35.

Autowala: 5 rupees se kya farak paadta hay??

Me: Exactly; to 5 rupees kaam le lo!!!

Dear friends and students, there are untold number of interactive lessons you will be taught. Just remember, this moving classroom is a place which doesn’t allow you to lose your focus and day/night dream. So get enrolled and earn a degree that will pay you no matter which city you live in next.

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3 thoughts on “Much Ado about Auto – My Hyderabad Life:

  1. Shubahjit


    Here are a few pointers:

    1) most of the autos meter change after 1.5. Yes there are autos that have meters that change from 1.6 but this group has become rarer now. It only means that we are getting cheated everyday.

    2) many autos don’t have 20 bucks change!!!

    3) u need to be specific while directing. saying shyamlal building, not enough…mention which side of the street…otherwise u will b cheated…

    4) 4) know what other places have similar names like ur destination…check post…you could land up in yousuf guda check post rather than reaching jubili hill check post…


  2. Fantastic post..same story in Delhi too… Either the meters don’t work or they are forbidden to see certain places. Chillar (Change) is an alien concept here and don’t forget no one has the time for small distance destinations… Wonderful read…

    Keep Writing


  3. lolz!!! i tell u dese hyderabad autowallahs are da most funniest ppl i hav ever witnessed….had a lovely time wid dem

    1st time on ur blog nd luvin it 😀

    well my xperiences in da city is pretty much summarized:


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