Touching Yet Another Milestone!!!

Another Glorious momentHave heard so many thing about this “moment”…so many jokes; so many apprehensions; so many dreams; in fact it can seem that the name of this particular event or moment can be termed as “SO MANY” :D… n to some some extent it is true also. After all it is “Marriage”… a simple eight letter word and yet embracing untold number of aspects of life!!!

But I don’t want to talk about the cobweb of lectures and traditional ideas or the advices and outlooks here. I simply want to register the fun I have experienced and about the people who made me happy during the last 1 week of my marriage and reception ceremony. So here it is….

Wat to say about my own family!!! They r always great n welcoming…n the good thing is, in my marriage I don’t feel distant from them. This is may be coz I already live far away from them for my job and 2ndly may be becoz its a love marriage. So marriage has not come to me as a parting relation wid my parents nor even a crying ceremony. So lets go back to the marriage day…all I can think of it in one word is “fun”. Ya it was fun and enjoyable. The traditional rituals that I liked most was me being carried on a wooden seat by my cousin bro and the subsequent “who is higher than whom” contest with the groom!!! I also liked the part where together with him, my Shubho, I had to give anjali to the Jyagya fire. n da pictures also came “coooooool” ;)…

Now about moving to his house…now this is where like every other galz I also had some tensions…but the 4 days dat I lived there before coming back to Hyderabad, were awesome!!! This is mainly because of the warm welcome and the sincere mingling I received from his relatives. I would like to admit again n again that I have never before so moved and impressed by anyone’s relatives sooooooooo very much…n the GREAT thing is now they r my own people also!!! A blessing from my marriage I suppose 😀 …

And what else to talk about our life after marriage…except for the bangles that I am wearing everything is just the same…thanx to our 9 months old live in relation…so in short I can still relate to my life the way I was and enjoying it…

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One thought on “Touching Yet Another Milestone!!!

  1. Shubhajit

    Well written, as always. U took me back to those moments…I would love to re-live them again and again and again…may be the bestest moments of my life! ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaahhhh love u darling…


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