The Sad Demise of a Leader.

I am not from Andhra Pradesh and consequemt;y not aware of the huge influence YSR Reddy, the late Chief Minister of this state had on its people. But a news alone can be an indication of his popularity. Alost 30 people died of cardiac arrest after hearing his sudden death!!! Well, have to agree he has some charismatic influence here in AP and its people.

The fatal accident and the unfortunate death of YSR has literally brought Hyderabad to a point of standstill. All shops are closed, vehicles are scarse on the road and the total picture is of a mouring crowd for its beloved leader. The event is really saddening and unfortunate.

But on the otherhand, was it really necessary to bring everything to a halt irrespective of the problems faced by several people here!!! Banks are closed and so suddenly closed that many of us can face grave trouble. Grocery shops are closed and that too can create problem in regular life. Even medicine shops are closed!!! I wonder, whether YSR, being a doctor himself would have agreed to this condition!!!

Anyways, this is India and political hooliganism prevails here in some form or other. I just wish, I don’e have to face financial trouble during these “special mouyrning” days!!!

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