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A Modern Adventure!!!

Nothing was planned that day. Except for the common passion, that – yes! We wanna have it and toWalnutday!! A passion that is so intense that you can almost feel the blood racing fast in your veins, pumping your heart harder and carrying the daze into your brain (to the point of making you a looney toon character where your eyeballs can reflect the image of your longing!!! Be it a love sign or in our case be it a… er, “something”…). After all it is the brain that should give the signal, right? But signal was given, or rather taken much earlier from our hearts. A longing in two hearts which has the enormous power to bring two souls (and sometimes even soles) together!! Can You believe it? Two different individuals; with nothing common in between them; different thoughts, different likings and disliking, different looks and yet one common longing and that spells all!!!

So, there we were. Hand in hand; dreaming of the moment when we will be submerged into that extremely passionate and ecstatic moment!!! We didn’t decide of the place though; afterall we knew our destination where our dream will materialize. So we just went there. Confident, gleefully chirping and yet pleasantly tense for its arrival. Time was flying fast; we were almost there; about to dig in as soon as the moment comes. But…yes!! Life intervenes dramatically!!! As you may have heard, reality can be more dramatic than those movies itself!!! It was. Take it from me. It was and was right there( read ‘reality’). As if frisking outside the glass walls for stopping us right there at our first base camp. It was a moment of indescribable frustration; I won’t hide it of course!!! We were lost for words…time was flying by…our dream was getting shattered. But we hold on to its last few pieces. We knew in our hearts that yes, we can attain it. And there we started…

Hopping through one after another halts to the final destination. We knew our prize, but we didn’t know this time of the exact destination and time was flying. But, now this is our very own “but’ which helped to kick that frolicking “butt” of reality ;)… this ‘but’ brought us our prize. We touched our passion. We held it and…and…and…we “PACKED” it back home. Yes, we packed our extremely favorite, tremendously delicious “Chocolate Walnut Brownie” back home from our favorite destination CCD. We managed to get it. No…we ‘succeeded’ to get it!!! Two sizzling brownies simmered with hot chocolate sauce…..simply yummy…authentically lip smacking…and there ended our search for our very own “Chalice”…

Three cheers for CCD…Three cheers for Chocolate Walnut Brownie…you made us know the color and strength of passion…

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The labyrinth of life

The Maze

The Maze

As we converse, share our views and ultimately unwind in the labyrinth of thoughts, all I can make out of this whole drama is that we, the new age girls or women in our mid 20s, have become so restless over our life. If someone is in Government job, which is the “epitome” of security, she wants to leave it for a private job. On the other hand, another want to switch from private to government job as she prioritizes security!!

Again, after five to seven years of passionate relations with would be “better halves” they try desperately to break up!! And the fun or rather the confusion lies in the scene that, the very next day they will again be living on the Hindi Movie terminology of “jaan” n “janus”!!

Cases are also there regarding the much covered and yet the essential aspect of “sex”. One partner or many? Better to be with one with emotional satisfaction and yet less sexual ardour or to choose many with no emotional gratifications at all!!!

Questions flies around us like the sparks from the hearth; life moves on and the lack of proper answer makes us restless. Or is it the age itself that is feeding on this general trend? It all reminds only one thing over and over, life is a constant search for a final solution which may be none has got ever!!

I wonder why we have become so restless?

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Hello world!

Well, yet another new blog site for me….I’ve got so much to say…so much to share…and yet time is passing by…I have never experienced this much fast pace of life before!!! Is this what we call “life at the first lane”??? But surely, blogging is a part and parcel of my life…I may not write anything in my blog pages…yet everyday, every moment web of words, ideas stimulated by the events passing by, are formed in my mind…wish there cud be some technology to directly transfer whatever is there in my mind to my blog-pages!!! 😀

Anyways, this a promise to myself…I shall be regular here…I need to record every passing day of my life now…as I see the world…as the worlds sees me…my hopes…my dearms…everything.

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